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A Fun Way Students Are Combatting Exam Stress

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As exam season is in full swing for many students, studying the content of courses may not be the hardest thing students will have to deal with. With class exams, provincial exams, and final exams determining so much of the final course result, students are facing new challenges with stress and anxiety management.

Staying Active Through Our Later Years

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The simple act of walking is something we all take for granted, but when mobility decreases risk of injury and hospitalization increase. Once we become sedentary it is even more difficult to jump start motivation, so as of late there is a movement forming to encourage adults in their later years to get active and to… Read more »

All the Perks of Great Massage Therapy

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From insomnia to chronic pain, there can be an answer through manual therapy. Even without an acute condition, seeing a Registered Massage Therapist has benefits you may not have considered before. In a recent article, The Huffington Post lists: Here’s Why You Should Book Your Next Massage ASAP. The short list that they include is: