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Combined Approach: Massage Therapy and Naturopathy for Scar-Tissue Related Issues

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Treating scar tissue of a keloid (tougher, thicker, more prolific than regular scar tissue) nature can sometimes be quite hard on the hands of a massage therapist, but necessary in order to make progress when it comes to injury-related or surgical-related keloid scar tissue in particular.  A complementary therapy can be that last piece of… Read more »

Relieving Children’s Headaches

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With easy access to health care sometimes we take advantage of the abundance of resources. Emergency medical diagnostics such as CT and MRI scans provide an amazing opportunity to have a look at our insides – the intention being that when more standard, external examinations provide no clues for cures we have more complex options… Read more »

RELEASE PAIN | RESTORE ALIGNMENT with a Combined Therapy Approach

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Individualized healthcare in a comfortable group setting with Dr. Mark Cseszko, ND.  Dr. Mark Cseszko ND, has over a decade of experience treating patients with a wide array health conditions.  He has found that often more than one technique is required to help patients achieve success.  As a result, Dr. Cseszko has developed a ‘Combined… Read more »

Massage Before Pain Killers for Low Back Pain

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A research study outlines the benefits of massage therapy  vs. pain medication below in a study of low back pain sufferers. “Researchers found those who were given a series of relaxation or structural alignment massage were better able to work and be active than those who were given traditional medical care, such as pain pills, muscle relaxants or physical… Read more »