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Craniosacral Therapy for Migrane Relief

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Research was published in the BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine Journal that targets relieving pain associated with migraines. A large portion of our society, as high as 20% of the population, is directly affected by migraines. This study aimed to find a more effective, non-pharmaceutical approach to the pain relief, specifically in Craniosacral Therapy (CST)…. Read more »

Easy tips for avoiding the flu

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Fighting off a flu this season is probably easier to do than you would expect. From flu shots to immune booster, avoiding being in public spaces for too long, and filtering the air there are many a complicated remedy for cold and flu season. The answer may actually lie in what you surround yourself with rather… Read more »

Your Best Sleep

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Your sleeping position could lend quite a few clues as to why you feel the way you do. Sure, we all know that sometimes you can wake up with a kink in your neck but it can also go much deeper than that. From digestion to breath to spine health, being mindful of the way… Read more »