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The ‘New’ Anterolateral Ligament

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What was once put out there as a possibility in the 19th century has finally been proved as fact. There is another ligament in the knee that has gone unnoticed and unclassified until now! The anterolateral ligament (ALL) works in conjunction with its well-known neighbour the ACL to provide support on the outside of the… Read more »

$25 off Initial Consultation with one of our amazing NDs

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This promo is open to anyone who wants to start on a path to healing and recovery through Naturopathic Medicine at Broadway Wellness. See the details of the deal below:   Please feel free to contact the clinic by phone, or visit the online schedule to book your appointment. Remember to mention the promo to receive $25… Read more »

Christmas Donations + Raffle

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The weather is changing and starting to cool down – which means it’s time to set up our Christmas donation hamper in the clinic for 2013. New socks, underwear, and toothbrushes, as well as any new or like-new shoes or jackets are most useful out on the cold streets of Vancouver. Men’s shoes in particular are always… Read more »

Managing Gout with Massage

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Gout is a medical condition of acute inflammatory arthritis episodes that result in a hot, painful and swollen joint. The episodes present themselves when uric acid crystallizes and deposits in the joint impeding movement of the boney structures and associated tendons, ligaments and muscles. While the pain and discomfort may not be chronic, the bouts… Read more »