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Contamination in Herbal Supplements

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In the news recently there has been talk about contaminates and “fillers” in herbal supplement products. Researchers from the study who interviewed with CBC last week claimed that “most products” contain contaminants; however, wouldn’t name the products that they tested. We’ve touched on it before but just like foods, furniture, and just about everything else, there… Read more »

Massage and Neuropathy

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Peripheral neuropathy is an unfortunate symptom that can present itself alongside a number of conditions. Neuropathy comes in the form of pain associated with nerve damage. This can be the result of disease or injury/trauma to the area- most commonly in the peripherals, in the hands and feet. The cause can often be difficult to… Read more »

Why Do We Crave?

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Vancouver Naturopath Article of the Week Throughout the day, most of us will tend to experience a craving at one point or another. At different times in the day, it can be different things that we crave. Why does this happen? You may not even have a sweet tooth and all the sudden you are… Read more »

Gut Microflora Connected to Obesity

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In a recent  study researchers took gut bacteria from obese humans and from lean humans, and then introduced the bacteria into two groups of mice. The mice that received the “obese” gut bacteria became obese, whereas the mice that received bacteria from the lean humans remained lean. Furthermore, when they housed both the newly obese mice and… Read more »