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Create Your Happiest Self

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Fall can represent a time of transition.  Fall is back-to-school time, the summer months are behind us- it is generally a season for transition toward colder weather and shorter days. There is also much to love about the Fall. The air is crisp and all the beautiful colours that fill the trees, line the streets. If… Read more »

Massage Therapy- More Than Skin Deep

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You may seek out massage to sooth your aches and pains but the effect that a massage therapy treatment can have on the body is much more involved. That chilled out feeling you experience coming out of a treatment room is no coincidence. There are measurable biological changes that occur during and after a massage… Read more »

Natural Medicine for Hypertension

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Dr. Krista Moyer, Vancouver Naturopath recently shared an article on her blog focusing on the topic of blood pressure. Our modern society has a population of people with high blood pressure that seems to be ever growing, and dangerously so. Good news it that you don’t have to rely on medications to regulate this issue…. Read more »