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Infant Massage

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While massage therapy, for all ages, developed in ancient societies, it has gained popularity in recent years. This also rings true for infant massage- its popularity in Asia, especially India, has been transferred to the Western world through those who travelled to these regions. More people in the West are now teaching, and practicing infant massage, which in… Read more »

Naturally Boost Fertility

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Complications having to do with the conception of a child are common, and can be very challenging to work through, both emotionally and physically. According to an article in Chatelaine Magazine, “one in six couples are infertile, defined as the inability to conceive a child after one year of unprotected intercourse.” With these statistics, public… Read more »

Massage as a First Line of Defense for Pain Management

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Massage therapy is more often seen as a therapeutic and clinical practice in recent years, as it establishes a foot hold in the health care community. Massage can be an immensely beneficial treatment option for those who suffer from chronic conditions or are more prone to pain/discomfort after certain activities. While the relief can be immediate,… Read more »