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Turn to Massage Therapy to Ease Labour

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Does it sound too good to be true? Making labour less … laborious? The skills that a massage therapist is able to relay through their hands can have an effect on both your comfort level during pregnancy and the ease of labour, itself. The changes that occur in the body during the growth of your baby also change… Read more »

Caring for Fascia

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The topic of tension and discomfort in the body can often lead back to fascia. Fascia envelopes all of us- our bones, our muscles, organs, tendons, ligaments. That’s why if the fascia is needing attention, structures enveloped by  it will seem to as well.

Massage as a Sleep Aid for those with Dementia

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Vancouver RMT Article of the Week: Improved Sleep for Dementia Patients A number of research studies have focused, lately, on the effect that massage therapy has on bettering mental wellness. As a means to reduce stress and calm the body, massage can do profound things for those struggling to optimize their mental health.

Exercise and Maintain Your Brain!

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Our brains age with us, just as everything else does. Brain shrinkage, or atrophy, is a normal occurrence as we grow older. Atrophy can ultimately lead to deterioration of our mental health. An article published in the Huffington Post suggests, and documents proof, that exercise can slow this atrophy process. We all know that exercise… Read more »