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Massage Therapy for Pain Management in Cardiac Surgery Patients

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As supported by many trials and research studies, the effect that massage therapy can have on pain and anxiety management is significant. A more recent study has focused on the relief that is brought to cardiac surgery patients, in particular. The recovery process is crucial when coming back from something as invasive as cardiac surgery…. Read more »

How does your body respond to challenges?

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Have you ever noticed how your body responds to being challenged physically, emotionally or mentally? By Dr. Shannon Patterson  On a physical level, does your body respond to physical challenges or added demands with the feeling of complete exhaustion to the point of being depleted? Do you feel the need for rest, quiet and silent? … Read more »

The Question of Gender

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Vancouver Massage Therapy Article of the Week Do you prefer a male or a female massage therapist? I bet each answer will come with a different reason. This article from the New York Times (The First Issue in Any Massage) queries an assortment of people to see what there preferences were, and why. They have also included… Read more »