A quirky fun article on “Virtual Massage” for your entertainment

The latest and greatest in technology has brought us this innovation. The eSSAGE Massage Suit allows whoever dons the wetsuit look-a-like to receive a massage regardless of geographical location. The nodes in the suit change shape and “massage” when triggered by the “massage therapist” holding the stylist on the image via a smart phone application.

Pregnancy massage reduces prematurity, low birthweight and postpartum depression

An exciting study has come from a collaboration of Universities in the USA and Portugal in regards to pregnancy massage. Massage therapy for pregnant women has many advantages. This study contributes scientifically to these claims. The abstract for the article has been included below from ScienceDirect.

Get a better sleep- naturally!

The article linked to below starts off with a great line, “If you suffer from insomnia, you are certainly not yawning alone.” Insomnia has become more and more common in recent years. With more people complaining of poor sleep, come more and more pharmaceutical interventions. Before you turn to prescription medications, try a natural remedy….

Massage and Children with Diabetes Mellitus

Vancouver Massage Therapy Article of the Week We came across this interesting study out of Iran involving the effect of massage on blood glucose levels. As always, we like to encourage therapies which involve a non-invasive, natural approach. The study found that Swedish massage, in particular, as part of an intervention regime ( including appropriate diet and…