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Great Essential Oils for Summer

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Vancouver Massage Therapy Article of the Week As summertime finally starts to set in, everyone seems to adjust just that little bit. The warmer days and nights are not only great for BBQs on the beach and trips around the sea wall, but to change up or start using essential oils. AromaWeb describes what we… Read more »

A testament to Naturopathic Medicine

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Vancouver Naturopath Article of the Week A diary-style article was published here at which gives an account of one man’s diagnosis of type 2 diabetes and why he turned to naturopathic medicine. It is an interesting tale of his experiences with MDs and NDs. Included below is an exerpt from the article:

A quirky fun article on “Virtual Massage” for your entertainment

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The latest and greatest in technology has brought us this innovation. The eSSAGE Massage Suit allows whoever dons the wetsuit look-a-like to receive a massage regardless of geographical location. The nodes in the suit change shape and “massage” when triggered by the “massage therapist” holding the stylist on the image via a smart phone application.