Broadway WellnessAcupuncture is based in Traditional Chinese Medicine and the belief that living beings have energy, known as qi (pronounced “chi”), which circulates through meridians in the body, each correlating to a different organ system. If this energy flow becomes imbalanced or impeded, symptoms will emerge. In order to reestablish the flow of qi, practitioners apply very fine needles to stimulate specific, identifiable points (acupoints) on the body.  Very thin needles are used to penetrate the superficial layers of the skin in a way that generally does not cause discomfort when they are placed.

Acupuncture is a treatment modality appropriate for a wide range of conditions – from physical concerns such as muscle soreness, joint pain, digestion, headaches, to mental/emotional concerns such as stress, insomnia, anxiety. And many more!



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 Practitioners + Rates

Dr. Mark Cseszko, NDDr. Mark Cseszko is one of the few Registered Acupuncturists who is also a registered Naturopathic Doctor. Being a dual Registrant is a great asset to those patients with extended health benefits as it allows for a continuity of treatment that is often covered by insurance.

Intake + Initial Acupuncture Treatment (45 min.) – $145.00
Subsequent Acupuncture Treatment (30 min.) – $95.00



1352055492Dr. Krista Moyer is a Naturopathic Doctor. The Naturopathic Medicine program involves extensive training in acupuncture.  Treatments with Dr. Moyer can be claimed for reimbursement with extended health providers under the category allocated to Naturopathic Medicine.

Acupuncture Treatment (45 min.) – $85.00