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Karen Morch – Craniosacral Therapist


Karen will be returning to Vancouver and available at Broadway Wellness periodically. Please add yourself online or call us to be added to Karen’s wait list if you would like to be notified of her next availability.


Craniosacral Therapist, Advanced Energy Healer + Intuitive, Honours B.A., B.Ed

Karen’s experience and training in the healing arts spans over twenty years, developed
through a wide range of modalities. She is particularly passionate about Craniosacral
Therapy (CST) since it offers the opportunity to treat a wide range of conditions
encompassing all systems of the body including emotional, and/or spiritual aspects of
health and well-being.

With over seventeen years of experience in CST, she continues to be inspired by
witnessing how effective it is in relieving pain, particularly for chronic headaches and
migraines, concussion (and post concussive syndrome), sciatica and TMJ difficulties
(jaw dysfunction). CST is also very effective in treating neurological disorders, infant
colic, latching issues, birthing trauma and difficulties, PTSD, tinnitus, BPPV (positional
vertigo – an inner ear condition), anxiety/depression – just to mention a few.

Upholding a fundamental belief that the body knows best how to heal itself, she offers
her clients techniques for self-healing so they can expedite and integrate the clinical
work at home. These include aspects of the Alexander Technique, Active Release
Technique, and breath work from Qi Gong and yoga studies (see below for a summary
of Karen’s training and the healing modalities that are available to her clients).

Karen enjoys working with all age ranges, including pediatric, adolescent and geriatric
clients.  She is LGBTQ friendly!   Active and athletic individuals may also find her in-
depth experience of the repair and maintenance for the body’s optimal physical
performance helpful. She was a professional dancer, Olympic athlete and is still a dyed-
in-the-wool outdoorswoman.

Karen will work with you from your personal experience and individual frame of
reference.  Her experience and skills (technical and intuitive) combined with a ready
sense of humour facilitate therapeutic work that is powerful, transformative and uplifting.

FYI:  A Craniosacral Therapist gently works with the body from a holistic perspective.
Initial consultation includes assessment of the primary condition or injury including an
overview of the functionality of the spine, the skull (cranial sutures), all diaphragms, and
soft tissue. Importantly, myofascial tone is also observed and taken into account.

The results of treatment are often profound. Clients report a deep sense of relaxation
and peace.

Patients remain clothed during treatments, which are generally one hour long.