Hours & Location


Broadway Wellness is multidisciplinary integrated health centre offering services in registered massage therapy, and naturopathic medicine We are centrally located near Broadway and Oak, in the heart of Fairview in a beautiful, friendly, service-orientated centre. We are open 6 days per week, with flexible hours designed to suit your varied needs.

610 – 2525 Willow Street
(Willow Professional Building)
Vancouver, BC, Canada
V5Z 3N8
Tel: 604.732.5222
Email: clinic@broadwaywellness.org
Open 6 days per week!
Monday-Friday 8am-8pm
Saturday 9am-6:30pm
Sunday Closed
  • Ample, affordable options:
    • North of West Broadway, between Laurel & Willow on West 8th Ave (Shoppers Drug Mart $2/hr, various other lots)
    • Free 1-2 hour/pay parallel parking on West 8th, 7th, Willow, Laurel
  • For convenience and proximity:
    • $2.75/30 min: Willow Professional Building (**please note this parkade closes at 7pm Monday-Thursday, 6pm Friday, and is closed all day Saturday)
    • $2.75/30 min: Across Willow St. in Fairmont Medical Building






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