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Network Spinal Analysis for Children

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The rapid nature of children’s growth patterns sees them through dynamic changes in their nervous system, posture, and behaviour.  A healthcare plan complete with Network Spinal Analysis can prove to be profoundly beneficial for them to grow to be strong, efficient, and adaptive to their environment. Read more here about the benefits of NSA for… Read more »

Experience Network Chiropractic at Broadway Wellness

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Network Spinal Analysis (also known as Network Chiropractic or NSA) is an area of chiropractic treatment that uses a gentler touch than the traditional spinal realignment methods most people associate with a chiropractic session.  Some people prefer and look forward to regular traditional chiropractic adjustments, while many don’t like the idea (or the feeling) of being ‘cracked’… Read more »

Lower stress with Network Spinal Analysis

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As chiropractic care has evolved over the years, one common misconception is that the practice is limited to chiropractors simply moving bones and joints.  It is now evident that quality chiropractic care can improve brain function, by restoring regulation of the body’s response systems, in particular, the response to stress.  Countless research findings are conclusive… Read more »

Vancouver NSA Article of the Week – Stored Trauma

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When our bodies experience physical, emotional, or chemical stress that breaches what we can handle, it is imposed on our organs, tissues, and nervous system as stored trauma.  This can cause our bodies to engage a defensive posture, triggering us to move in a direction of physical impairment, a compounding deficiency in adapting to incoming… Read more »