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Trigger Points and Myofascial Pain

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Trigger points are hyper-sensitive, tightened areas that can occur in any of the more than 400 muscles in the human body.  These spots (or nodules) are located within taut bands in the muscle.  They can cause pain, burning, stinging, weakness, numbness, and other symptoms.  They have a unique property called referred pain, meaning they can… Read more »

Exciting News: We’ve Moved!

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Broadway Wellness is open for business in our new clinic space! This exciting change has taken Broadway Wellness to a bright and shiny, new, refreshed clinic space with lots of natural light. Our new location will offer a similar convenient location but many improved amenities, including elevator access and no traffic noise pollution. Where? Unit 610… Read more »

Massage therapy and “text neck”

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The average person spends 4.9 hours a day looking down at their phone, whether that be texting or surfing the internet. That means for nearly a fifth of your day, your head is being forced into an unnatural downwards position, which can cause muscle tension and neck pain and put unusual pressure on your spine…. Read more »