Understanding the Difference Between Spa Massage and Clinical Massage

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What comes to mind when you hear the term “Massage Therapy”?  Do you think of an occasional treat for yourself at a hotel spa after a hard week of work, or are you more inclined to imagine a focused treatment of a bothersome health condition or injury that may be causing you headaches, stiffness, or range of motion issues?

Whatever the reasons you have to make an appointment to see a massage therapist, understanding the differences between the two major industries – Relaxation (or Spa) Massage and Clinical (or Therapeutic) Massage – will help you get the treatment that best suits your needs. (more…)

Improving Breathing and Respiratory Problems through Massage Therapy

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Breathing: such a natural part of life, and something so intuitive we are hardly even aware of. Take a moment and think about your breathing. Are they long, relaxed breaths, or are they short and shallow? We never think about our breathing until we begin to have problems with it.

Quickened, shorter breathing can be an indication of anxiety or stress, respiratory problems such as asthma or bronchitis, or even simply seasonal allergies. This may be occurring due to tightened or tense muscles around the rib cage or abdomen, which massage therapy can aid with.


C-Section Scars + Recovery

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Vancouver Massage Therapy Article of the Week: Many women miss the importance of caring for themselves after undergoing a cesarian section procedure.  Of course, with a new born to care for it is understandable that self-care might take a back seat for a while; but hopefully with awareness, more women can achieve speedier recoveries and more effective healing of the scar tissue. (more…)

Trigger Points and Myofascial Pain

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Trigger points are hyper-sensitive, tightened areas that can occur in any of the more than 400 muscles in the human body.  These spots (or nodules) are located within taut bands in the muscle.  They can cause pain, burning, stinging, weakness, numbness, and other symptoms.  They have a unique property called referred pain, meaning they can hurt not only right where they are, but in other places simultaneously. Massage therapy is a wonderful resource for getting muscles back into their most healthy state. (more…)