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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Massage for Spirited Living

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Massage Therapy Vancouver – Article of the Week: Massage for Spirited Living Massage helps to reduce stress – but it doesn’t end there. The cascading effect of a lower stress level can shape a much more positive perspective of the world, and a more fluid, meaningful experience in interacting with other people. With less stress you… Read more »

10 Human Body Myths That You Might Believe

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This article originally published on AskMen.com provides a very refreshing outlook on many old wives’ tales that tend to get adopted as common knowledge.  This might change the way you view your body! In the spirit of spring cleaning- throw out these old myths alongside those old clothes you haven’t worn for years! Have a… Read more »

What is Visceral Manipulation all about?

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Visceral manipulation is a way of approaching the organs of the body when they become bound up and involved in structural holding patterns, or are not functioning optimally due to a structural fascial strain pattern.  Visceral manipulation is a part of the massage therapy techniques offered at Broadway Wellness’ Vancouver clinic.

Massage Therapy for Mental Wellness

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Massage Therapy Vancouver – article of the week: Massage Therapy for Mental Wellness Massage therapy is commonly known to provide relief from pain due to muscle soreness. The truth is that the range of concerns that massage can benefit is actually quite substantial.

Learn more about Myofascial Release

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Massage is becoming recognized more and more for its therapeutic and healing qualities.  Myofascial release is a term with a buzz around it these days .. people talk about fascia more and more. We have mentioned the composition and function of fascia before in various fascial-focused blogs.  At Broadway Wellness, Myofascial release is one of our… Read more »