Exciting News: We’re Moving!

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Broadway Wellness will be relocating in Summer 2018!

This exciting change is taking Broadway Wellness to a bright and shiny, new, refreshed clinic space with lots of natural light. Our new location will offer a similar convenient location but many improved amenities, including elevator access and no traffic noise pollution.


Unit 610 – 2525 Willow Street
(Willow Professional Building)
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Not far! Only 3 blocks east down Broadway.


Summer 2018
We are currently in the renovation stage, and should have an official moving date within the next month or so! Stay tuned, we will make sure to update this page as we go. Always feel free to call us for an update too!

We will remain OPEN FOR BUSINESS at our current 2501 Spruce Street location until the new clinic is ready!


Our new location will be on the Southwest corner of West Broadway and Willow St. This opens up more convenient transit options such as:

  • #99 B-Line bus stop – Within a block!
  • #9 bus route – Right out front!
  • Broadway-City Hall Canada Line skytrain station (@ Cambie Street) – Only a short walk (3 blocks)!
Parking Options
  • Willow Professional Building – accessed off Willow Street: $2.50/30 minutes
  • Fairmont Medical Building – accessed off Willow Street: $2.75/30 minutes
  • Shoppers Drug Mart: $2.00/hour
  • Metered parking on West Broadway (no parking here 7am-9:30am, and 3pm-6pm)

Self Care with Foam Rollers

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Foam rollers are on the rise as an effective form of self-massage treatment and self-care.  You’ll notice more gyms and fitness centres are equipped with long cylindrical foam rollers. It is also an inexpensive option for you to continue muscle care at home through a number of exercises! (more…)

Massage Therapy Reduces Inflammation: Study

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A Canadian study has shown that massage therapy reduces the pain associated with damaged muscles by sending anti-inflammatory messages to muscle cells.

Scientists at McMaster University in Hamilton have found evidence that massage therapy dulls muscle pain in a biologically similar way to anti-inflammatory pills and should be considered a viable alternative to pain medication.

The study focused on 11 men in their twenties who performed exhausting physical exercise for over an hour.  Massage techniques common in rehabilitation were then applied to specific muscles which were then autopsied.  They found that just ten minutes of massage resulted in a reduction of inflammation in the targeted muscles.

massage inflammation

Massage therapy and “text neck”

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iphone-410311_640The average person spends 4.9 hours a day looking down at their phone, whether that be texting or surfing the internet. That means for nearly a fifth of your day, your head is being forced into an unnatural downwards position, which can cause muscle tension and neck pain and put unusual pressure on your spine.

This leads to a phenomenon called “text neck” – your neck is supports the weight of your head, which is about 12 pounds, but for every inch your head is lowered while looking at your phone, it adds another 10 pounds to the pressure on your spine.